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This special page has been set up as a result of various E-mails suggesting solutions for disabling "starter.exe" which is attached to both of these programs. Here are 4 possible solutions that may or may not work - good luck!.

1) From Marty:

See if it can be disabled under Control Panel → Device Manager → Sound, video and game controllers. Look for "Add mixer to taskbar" and uncheck it if present

2) From Dave Thompson:

"As always if you make the wrong edit to the system registry, you may have undesirable affects to your computer and in worse case scenario, it may not boot, so be CAREFUL editing the registry."

  1. Start Registry Editor, (to do so click on the Start Button - then select Run - then type regedit - then press the Enter key on the key board)

The registry editor window will now be open.

  1. Click on the + on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder
  2. Click on the + on the System folder
  3. Click on the + on the CurrentControlSet folder
  4. Click on the + on the Services folder
  5. Click on the + on the Class folder
  6. Click on the + on the MEDIA folder, (you will probably have to scroll down to find the MEDIA folder)

The Media folder will have many sub folders in it starting, with 0000 and going to 0013 or some other number, depending on the version you are running.

  1. Click on the + on the 0002 folder

If the 0002 folder does not have a +, or a Config folder in it, go to 16 below.

  1. Click on (highlight) the Config folder

In the right side of the Registry Editor window you will see various keys. The key you want to edit is the Starter key. It has a value of 1 or 01 in it. If the Config folder does not have the Starter key, go to 16 below.

  1. Double click on the Starter key, to put it in the edit mode

The edit window for the Starter key should be up now.

  1. Press the Delete key on your keyboard
  2. Press the 0 (that is the number zero, not the letter O key) on your keyboard
  3. Press the Enter key on the keyboard

The value in the Starter key should be 00 now.

  1. Close the Edit Registry window and restart your computer and the pesky EnsoniqMixer icon will not reappear on the task bar
  2. If later on, you want it back on your task bar, repeat the first 11 steps, and then enter 01 for the value and it will be back
  3. If you didn't find the key you needed to edit in one of the steps of 8, 9, or 10, you have a later or earlier version of EnsoniqMixer, so to save time looking in each folder, click on (highlight) the MEDIA folder
  4. On the Menu bar at the top of the Registry Edit window click on Edit
  5. Click on Find... on the drop down window
  6. Type in starter and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  7. Now follow steps 10 through 14"

3) From Chuck Boyle:

"Hi, I read the stuff in PacMan's site too. None of it worked. However, after a bit of 'dinking' I came up with a 'workable' solution:

  1. Go to Start/Find/Files or Folders
  2. Do a 'find' for "starter.exe" (it showed up in 3 different folders on my computer!)
  3. Create a new folder somewhere for each instance of starter.exe you find (may be redundant, I don't know, but will help if you run into problems putting stuff back to original settings) - name each of the folders with path/foldername of each instance of starter.exe you find/found.
  4. From the "Find" window....drag and drop to 'move' each starter.exe to the appropriate 'hold' folder
  5. You can now go into 'msconfig' and uncheck EnsoniqMixer - when you reboot, it will NOT appear on your Task bar!
  6. I made a shortcut to one of the instances of starter.exe. I put it in my 'desktop icons' folder, but you can put it anywhere you want to put it that you can remember where it is, in case you WANT to run the Mixer app. There are some instances where you may want to run it, i.e. when recording music from a CD, etc.
  7. If you DO run 'starter.exe' to use mixer, just remember to run 'msconfig' and uncheck it again or it WILL return to taskbar with next bootup!
  8. Hope this helps."

4) From :

070457 - Registry Changed to Eliminate TSRs
070458 -
070459 - After saving the current Registery and configuring the system to use
070460 - the boot Startup menu, we made the following changes to the
070461 - registry...
070462 -
070463 - Hkey_local machine,
070464 - software,
070465 - Microsoft,
070466 - Windows,
070467 - Current version,
070468 -
070469 - The other group of "Run" keys was...
070470 -
070471 - Hkey_current_user...
070472 - software,
070473 - Microsoft,
070474 - Windows,
070475 - Current version,
070476 -
070477 -
070478 - We tried eliminating from the following list...
070479 -
070480 - realplayer "c:\realplayer...
070481 - Office tool bar "h:\00\....
070482 - EnsoniqMixer "starter.exe"
070483 - HPSCANMonitor "I:\00\02\SYSTEM\hpsjvxd.exe"
070484 - LoadPowerProfile "Rundll32.exe powerprof.dll.LoadCurrentPwrSCheme"
070485 - OmniPage "I:\00\24\opware32.exe"
070486 - ScanRegistry "I:\00\24\scanregw.exe /autorun"
070487 - StillmageMonitor "I:\00\02\SYSTEM\STIMON.EXE"
070488 - SystemTray "SysTrayExE"
070489 - TaskMonitor "I:\00\02\taskmon.exe"
070490 -
070491 - ...we eliminated the following...
070492 -
070493 - realplayer "c:\realplayer...
070494 - Office tool bar "h:\00\....
070495 - EnsoniqMixer "starter.exe"
070496 - HPSCANMonitor "I:\00\02\SYSTEM\hpsjvxd.exe"
070497 - OmniPage "I:\00\24\opware32.exe"
070498 - ScanRegistry "I:\00\24\scanregw.exe /autorun"
070499 - StillmageMonitor "I:\00\02\SYSTEM\STIMON.EXE"

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