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Startup program list - D

This is an index of all the entries in the Windows start-up programs database where the Startup Item/Name begins with D. For the main index see here.

If you have been directed straight to this page, please also look at the introduction to what startup programs are and how to identify and disabling them here.

The reason for these simplified lists being here is that the popular Google search engine only indexes the first 100K of a web page. To ensure that visitors looking for information on startup programs come to the right place, this index is presented.

d (chrome.exe); d (cmd.exe); d (dwm.exe); D SYSTEM (dd.exe); d.vbs (d.vbs); D:\logiciel\super.exe (super.exe); D_V_T (dvt.exe); D066UUtility (D066UUTY.EXE); D1CE.exe (D1CE.exe); D3**.exe [* = random char] (D3**.exe [* = random char]); D3**32.exe [* = random char] (D3**32.exe [* = random char]); D3DOverrider (D3DOverrider.exe); D3DOverrider (D3DOverriderWrapper.exe); d3dupdate.exe (bbeagle.exe); d3vi1 (d3vi1.exe); d3y9 (ptkelmrt.exe); D4 (D4.exe); D5DB7544-3EC2-44AF-B067-F5ED965A51BC (WindowsSys2.exe); d5jx (g9wsxg.exe); d9fw5i91p (d9fw5i91p.exe); Dabayo (DabayoLaunch.exe); dabrun (rundll32.exe [path] dabapi.dll,Rundll32); DACONFIGEXE (daconfig.exe); dada.exe (dada.exe); DadApp (dadapp.exe); Dadf (torrent.exe); dae.exe (dae.exe); daemon (Daemon.exe); Daemon (daemon.exe c daemon2.exe); Daemon (DAEMON32.EXE); Daemon for Mouse Suite (ICO.exe); DAEMON Tools (daemon.exe); Daemon Tools ATAPI driver (daemontools.exe); DAEMON Tools Lite (daemon.exe); DAEMON Tools Lite (DTlite.exe); DAEMON Tools Lite Automount (DTAgent.exe); DAEMON Tools Pro (DTAgent.exe); DAEMON Tools Pro Agent (DTAgent.exe); DAEMON Tools Pro Agent (DTProAgent.exe); DAEMON Tools-1033 (daemon.exe); Daemons Updates Services ([4 random letters].exe); DaemonUI (DaemonUI.exe); daf99bc4999394b0beaab61307beb250 (nanse.exe); daf99bc4999394b0beaab61307beb250.exe (daf99bc4999394b0beaab61307beb250.exe); Dafu (Dafu.exe); dago (fault.exe); Daily Fitness Center AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Daily Fitness Center AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Daily Fitness Center EPM Support (53medint.exe); Daily Fitness Center Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Daily Fitness Center Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Daily Fitness Center Search Scope Monitor (53srchmn.exe); Daily Planner (dayplan.exe); Daily Weather Forecast (weather.exe); DailyBee (DailyBee.exe); DailyBibleGuide AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyBibleGuide AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyBibleGuide Browser Plugin Loader (2vbrmon.exe); DailyBibleGuide Browser Plugin Loader 64 (2vbrmon64.exe); DailyBibleGuide EPM Support (2vmedint.exe); DailyBibleGuide Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyBibleGuide Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyBibleGuide Search Scope Monitor (2vsrchmn.exe); DailyBibleGuideIE Browser Plugin Loader (elbrmon.exe); dailycon (dailycon.exe); DailyFitnessCenter_53 Browser Plugin Loader (53brmon.exe); DailyFitnessCenter_53 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (53brmon64.exe); DailyHomeGuide AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyHomeGuide AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyHomeGuide EPM Support (bgmedint.exe); DailyHomeGuide Search Scope Monitor (bgsrchmn.exe); DailyImageBoard AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyImageBoard AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyImageBoard EPM Support (bimedint.exe); DailyImageBoard Search Scope Monitor (bisrchmn.exe); DailyLocalGuide AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyLocalGuide AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyLocalGuide EPM Support (bemedint.exe); DailyLocalGuide Search Scope Monitor (besrchmn.exe); DailyPCClean (DPCCSchedule.exe); DailyPCClean (OSPCSchedule.exe); DailyRecipeGuide AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyRecipeGuide AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyRecipeGuide EPM Support (ehmedint.exe); DailyRecipeGuide Search Scope Monitor (ehsrchmn.exe); DailyWellnessGuide AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyWellnessGuide AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyWellnessGuide EPM Support (80medint.exe); DailyWellnessGuide Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DailyWellnessGuide Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DailyWellnessGuide Search Scope Monitor (80SrchMn.exe); DailyWellnessGuide_80 Browser Plugin Loader (80brmon.exe); DailyWellnessGuide_80 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (80brmon64.exe); DailyWiki (DailyWiki.exe); dakrsys (dakrsys.exe); DamedWare Services (dwdrce.exe); damnititbobby (winlogon.exe); damqysmufadu (damqysmufadu.exe); DanBtR270414 (DanBtR270414.exe); Dancer (DncLE.exe); DANEFXICYXZU (danefxicyxzu.exe); Dannywest## ([filename].exe); Dannywest69 (Kasual.exe.exe); dansukqelezd (dansukqelezd.exe); Danton* ([random filename]); DAP (DAP.EXE); darc (scbs.scr); Dark ([path to file]); dark (csrs.scr); dark (imgrt.exe); dark (imgrt.scr); dark (imgst.exe); dark (imgst.scr); dark (krn.exe); dark (krn3.exe); dark (Office.EXE); dark (win.exe); Dark Zero (Zero.exe); DARK@123 (Chrome.exe); DARK_A (MyPic.scr); DARK_B (MyPhoto.scr); DarkComet RAT (DCSC.exe); DarkComet RAT (exploerer.exe); DarkComet RAT (FACEBOOK.exe); DarkComet RAT (IMDCSC.exe); DarkComet RAT (local.exe); DarkComet RAT (Sky.exe); DarkComet RAT (Skydata.exe); DarkComet RAT (svchost.exe); DarkComet RAT (vchost.exe); DarkComet RAT (windowns-sdv.exe); DarkComet RAT Legacy (DCModule.exe); DarkDevil.Grasiele.BR (Grasiele.VBS); DarkGold (DarkGold.exe); Darkness (lss86.exe); Darkness (surv86.exe); DarKNesS LsasS (LsasS23.exe); DarkScape.jar (DarkScape.jar); DARWIN TOOLS ACTIVEX 3962 (UpLow3962.exe); DasDNF (DasDNF.exe); DASDS VSAVdjs (dsabdw.exe); DashBarState (dashIE); dashdfsfusdfuddsf (winsvcs.exe); DashIE (dashIE); dasHost (dasHost.exe); dasHost (dasHost.exe); daskaskfsak6 (dsfids6.exe); daskgfkkcx15 (dasdsaads15.exe); dasxdads (fsdqd.exe); Data (Data.exe); data (msngs.exe); data (sevc.exe); data (sevc.exe); data (sevic.exe); Data (System.dat.vbs); Data controll ({K7IN9-QQMAO-QOOFI-YQP13-2JQSA}.exe); Data File (vdehost.exe); DATA HOST (svjc.exe); DATA HOST (svjc.exe); Data Joiner Administrative Networker (djan.exe); Data Layer 2 (datalayer.exe); Data LifeGuard (BACKWE~1.EXE); Data LifeGuard (backWeb-8263142.exe); Data LifeGuard (identify.exe); Data LifeGuard (Restart.exe); Data LifeGuard LifeLine Lite installer (DLGLI.EXE); Data Protection (datprot.exe); Data Restore Service (prq8.exe); data.exe (data.exe); data.pif (data.pif); data32 (data32.exe); data32 (hostspool.exe); data789 (regedit.exe /s [path] data789.tmp); DATABASE MySql ([path] repcale.exe [path] beird.exe); DataCaching (FlashKsk.exe); DataCardMonitor (DataCardMonitor.exe); DATACONVERTER (dcwdll.exe.exe); DataFile ([6 characters].lnk); datafiles.exe (datafiles.exe); DataHealer (DataHealer.exe); DataKeeper (DataKeeper.exe); DataLayer (DATALA~1.EXE); DataLayer (DataLayer.exe); Datamgr (uTorrent.exe); DataMngr (DATAMN~1.EXE); DataMngr (DataMngrUI.exe); DataProtect (DataProtect.exe); datasave (datasaverun.exe); dataupdated (dataupdate.exe); DataViz Inc Messenger (DvzIncMsgr.exe); DataViz Messenger (DvzMsgr.exe); DatBass (TaskMask.exe); Datcheck (datcheck.exe); Date Manager (DateManager.exe); Datechecker (cisco.exe); Datechecker (fiore.exe); DateMakerIntl (DateMakerIntl.exe); DATISA chosts (chosts.exe); datuper (updatewidnwos.exe); daumAgent (msflash.exe); daumAng (msflash.exe); DAupdate (DAupdate.exe); DAW9532EXE (DAW9532.EXE); DAY_[UserName]-PC (Man_[UserName].exe); DayZ Bypass.exe (DayZ Bypass.exe); DayzKey (DayzKeys.exe); DayzKeys.exe (DayzKeys.exe); DAZEL Delivery Agent (DcDaemon.exe); DB Audio Control Panel (RtHDVCpl.exe); db32.exe (db32.exe); dbar_starter (starter.exe); DbgHlp32 (DbgHlp32.exe); DBGOToolBar (DBGOToolbarT.exe); dbhlp32 (dbhlp32.exe); DBISQL10 (dbisqlg.exe); DBISQL9 (dbisqlg.exe); DBSpluguin (ifrmewro.exe); DBSpluguin (itfuser.exe); DBSpluguin (iversoes.exe); Dbxaxd (Dbxaxd.exe); DC (DC.exe); dc (dc.exe); DC (IMDCSC.exe); dc2k5 (SVIQ.EXE); DC300 Monitor (cmonitor.exe); DC6 (dc6_startupmon.exe); DC6_check (dc6_startupmon.exe); dc6_check (dcmon.exe); DC6_Check (uwasdc.exe); DC6cw (DC6cw.exe); Dcap (DCap.exe); DCASS SUBLOAD (ncrvs.exe); DCbck (DCbck.exe); dcc (dcc_.exe); DCE Manager (dcemgr.exe); DCfssvc (dcfssvc.exe); dcmi (dcmi.exe); dco.exe (dco.exe); DCOM Class Sharing BitLocker Tunneling Mapper ([path to trojan]); Dcom Helper (dcmhlp.exe); Dcom Helper (exploror.exe); Dcom Helper (utorrent.exe); DCOM PNP-X Center Human COM Resource Program ([path to trojan]); DCOM Server ([path to trojan]); DCOM Service Manager (windcomsvc.exe); DCOM Service Manager (windcomsvc.exe); Dcom System Patch (Microsoft.exe); DCPstrApp (SecurityDeviceInfoSetRegistryString.exe); dcsdcsd.vbs (dcsdcsd.vbs); dcsm (dcsm.exe); DC-START (Nuke Binder.exe); DC-START (patch1.exe); DDCActiveMenu (DDCActiveMenu.exe); DDCCS (DDCCMO.exe); DDCM (DDCMan.exe); DDCMan (DDCMan.exe); DDDD (sample.exe); dddf (ccf.exe); ddeaeaf (ddeaeaf.exe); ddeproc (ddeproc.exe); ddhelper (W815DM.EXE); DDialler (DDialler.exe); DDIVX (DivX.exe); DDLAgent (DDLAgent.exe); DDmService (DDmService.exe); ddoctorv2 (sprtcmd.exe /P ddoctorv2); DDOS SERVICE (DDoS.exe); DDoS.exe (DDoS.exe); ddown (down.exe); ddqdsxnfqs (dqddss.exe); DDriver ([path to svchost.exe]); DDriver (windrv.exe); DDSS (skype.exe); DDWMon (ddwmon.exe); DDXPPXCE (services.exe); DDXPPXFTP (services.exe); De32gen (de32gen.exe); DE58DC232B2EB5B6FC69BBB9A7C86D4CBC512941 (DE58DC232B2EB5B6FC69BBB9A7C86D4CBC512941); DeadAIM (rundll32.exe DeadAIM.ocm,ExportedCheckODLs); deadbeef-v9893 ([random].exe); DeadKitty (DeadKitty.exe); Deal Boat-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Boat-repairJob); Deal Drop Down-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Drop Down-repairJob); Deal Fox-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Fox-repairJob); Deal Slider-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Slider-repairJob); Deal Spy-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Spy-repairJob); Deal Vault-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal Vault-repairJob); DealAssistant (dealassistant.exe); Dealbarium (dealbarium.exe); DealDay (DealDay.exe); Deal-Dropper-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deal-Dropper-repairJob); DealHelperBrwsr (dhbrwsr.exe); DealHelperDown (download.exe); DealHelperUpdate (DHUpdt.exe); Deals App-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deals App-repairJob); Deals Plugin-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Deals Plugin-repairJob); dealsfox (dealsfox.exe); DeamonDisk ([path to trojan]); deasycponyfe (deasycponyfe.exe); Death.exe (Death.exe); DeathAdder (razerhid.exe); DeathAdderBlackEdition (razerhid.exe); debug (ajax.exe); Debug (DebugW32.exe); Debug (SMSS.exe); debug (todo.exe); Debug Layer (win16debug.pif); debug.exe ([filename].exe); Debuger (Debuger.exe); Debugger ([path to dbg32.exe]); DEBUGGER (5ce97.rbf.exe); DEBUGGER (calc.exe); Debugger Windows Builder (dkuowfxs.exe); DebugMonitor (debugmonitor.exe); Debut (debut.exe); DeciUpd (DeciUpd.exe); DeClassed.dll (DeClassed.dll); DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.HTML (DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.HTML); DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT (DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT); DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.URL (DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.URL); DECRYPTINFO (!#_RESTORE_FILES_#!.inf); dedtolso (dedtolso.exe); DeeEnEs (DeeEnEs.exe); deejay (forboo.exe); Deewoo (ncntnkwd.exe); Def1 (ltc.exe); Default (_default.pif); default (bin.exe); default (default.exe); Default (explore.vbs); default (kernel.exe); Default (lsassM.exe); Default (ltc.exe); default (mskbw.exe); Default (mtask.vbe); default (shell32.exe); Default (svchost.exe); default (svchost.exe); Default (taskengine.exe); Default (taskengine.exe); Default Action (LABEL.lnk); Default Application (Default.exe); default drivers checker (rhgpv.exe); Default Key (Default File.exe); Default Key (Default File.exe); Default Key (Microsoft.exe); Default Key (process.exe); Default Key (rundll32.exe); Default Key (Server.exe); Default Key (svchost.exe); Default Key (svchost.exe); Default Key (sys_config.exe); Default Key (windows.exe); Default Key (wmz32.exe); Default Keys (Default File.exe); Default Manager (DefMgr.exe); Default System Research (vhchost.exe); Default web browser (IexpIore.exe); Default_Page_URL (; Default_Search_URL (; DefaultConfiguration (defaultconfh.exe); defaultsets (defaultsets.exe); DefencebytePrivacyShield (DefencebytePrivacyShield.exe); Defenceprivacy (DefencePrivacy.exe); DefencerGBA (ashUpdate.exe); DefencerGBA (Defencer2011.exe); DefencerGBA (Defencer2011.exe); DefencerGBA (defend.exe); DefencerGBA (KernelBases.exe); DefencerGBA (KernelBases.exe); DefencerGBA (quebra.exe); DefencerGBA (skyblue.exe); DefencerGBA (spoollsv.exe); DefencerGBA (wdefend.exe); defencevaccine main (defencevaccineu.exe); defencevaccinestart.exe (defencevaccinestart.exe); Defend (server.exe); DefendAPc (DefendAPc.exe); defender ([filename].exe); defender ([path to trojan]); Defender (conhost.exe settings.bat); DEFENDER (csrss.exe); Defender (defender.exe); defender (explorer.exe); Defender (hostsvcdl.exe); Defender (msi.exe); defender (Sound.exe); Defender (svchost.exe); defender (taskmntn.exe); Defender Copy AutoConfig Tracking (pgplfkeyu.exe); Defender Launcher Utility ([random].exe); Defender Launcher Utility (taskhostms.exe); Defender System (System Bosta.exe); Defender Window (winlogon.exe); defender.exe (tmpE.tmp.exe); Defender.exe Peru (Defender.exe); Defender_Protect (winuptats.exe); defender32.exe (defender32.exe); Defenders (svchost.exe); DEFENDERS (svchost.exe); DefenderSecurity (svchost.exe); Defenderss (Firefox.exe); Defenderss (svchost.exe); defendersys.exe (defendersys.exe); defendersys.exe (defendersys.exe); Defendes (svchost.exe); DefensaAntiMalware (pgs.exe); defense (defense.exe); Defense Center (defcnt.exe); DefenseNetSurfage (GDC.exe); DefenseVirusMain (DefenseVirus.exe); defergui (defergui.exe); DEFGJ ([path to file]); DEFINI_INVENT (defnv.exe); DefMgr (DefMgr.exe); DEFR (flash12.exe); defrag.exe ([path to ntvdm.exe]); Defrag.exe (Defrag.exe); defrag.exe (rsnotify.exe); defrag.exe (scardsvr.exe); defrag.exe (setver.exe); defragm_check (defragment.exe); DefragReminder (DefragReminder.exe); defragsys (svchost.exe); DefragTaskBar (defragTaskBar.exe); DefragTaskBar (supereasydefragtaskbar.exe); defragTaskBar.exe (defragTaskBar.exe); DefSysdify (Syst.exe); defwatch (DefWatch.exe); Deiver (etcr.exe); dekcƋhohnecjgjee (WmsUpdate.exe); del_temp (del_temp.vbs); Delay (delayrun.exe); Delayed Launcher (IAStorIconLaunch.exe IAStorIcon.exe); DelayHandlers (regsvr32.exe /s NPLoadRegistry.dll); DelayLoad ([path to trojan]); DelaypluginInstall (delayplugini.exe); Delayrun (delayrun.exe); DelayShred (ShrCL.EXE); delBatB (del_key.bat); delcab (deltreew.exe C:\cabs); Delete Me (worm.exe); Delete USB Error Key (SPS3_USB_Driver_Setup.exe); Delete_All_Files (Delete_All_Files.exe); DeleteHistoryFree (dhf.exe); DelicateGlitter (csrss.exe); DeliveryCenter (DeliveryCenter.exe); Dell 968 AIO Printer (fm3032.exe); Dell 968 AIO Printer Fax Server (fm3032.exe); Dell AIO Printer 948 (fm3032.exe); Dell AIO Printer 948 Fax Server (fm3032.exe); Dell AIO Printer A920 (dlbkbmgr.exe); Dell AIO Printer A940 (dlbabmgr.exe); Dell AIO Printer A960 (dlbfbmgr.exe); Dell DataSafe Online (DataSafeOnline.exe); Dell DataSafe Online (NOBuClient.exe); Dell DataSafe Scheduler (DataSafeOnlineScheduler.exe); Dell Dock (DellDock.exe); Dell Dock First Run (DellDock.exe); Dell Network Assistant (ezi_hnm2.exe); Dell PanelMgr (SSMMgr.exe); Dell Photo AIO Printer 922 (dlbtbmgr.exe); Dell Photo AIO Printer 942 (dlbubmgr.exe); Dell QuickSet (quickset.exe); Dell V310-V510 Series (fm3032.exe); Dell V310-V510 Series FaxServer (fm3032.exe); Dell V505 (fm3032.exe); Dell V505 Fax Server (fm3032.exe); Dell V715w Fax Server (fm3032.exe); Dell Webcam Central (WebcamDell.exe); Dell Webcam Central (WebcamDell2.exe); DELL Webcam Manager (DellWMgr.exe); Dell Wireless Manager UI (WLTRAY); Dell|Alert (DAMon.exe); DellARM32 (bridge.cpl); DellAutomatedPCTuneUp (PTAgnt.exe); DellComms (sprtcmd.exe /P DellComms); DellConnectionManager (Dell.UCM.exe); DellControlPoint (Dell.ControlPoint.exe); DellDMI (DELLDMI.EXE); DellMCM (MemCard.exe); DELLMMKB (DELLMMKB.EXE); DellOSD (FastUserSwitching.exe); DellSC (service.exe); DellStage (stage_primary.exe); DellSupport (DSAgnt.exe); DellSupportCenter (sprtcmd.exe /P DellSupportCenter); DellSystemDetect ([path to DellSystemDetect.exe]); DellTouch (DELLMMKB.EXE); DellTouch (MMKeybd.exe); DellTransferAgent (TransferAgent.exe); DellWPF (DellTouchpad.exe); delmsbb (delmsbb.exe); delol (hiquooc.exe); delsaap (delsaap.exe); delstart.exe (delstart.exe); delsubmit (rundll32.exe advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 submit.exe); Delta Force-Black Hawk Down Team Sabre Registration (NOVG.EXE); DeltaIITaskbarApp (DeltaIITray.exe); DelTmp (DelTemp.exe); DeltTray (DeltTray.exe); DELUXECC (DELUXECC.exe); DeluxeCommunications (Dxc.exe); Del-Win32bit ([path to file]); DELXP Protocol (delxp.exe); demm386.exe (demm386.exe); demo (poisonn.exe); DemoEx (msinfoEx.exe); demon (demon.exe); demoooo ([path to trojan]); Demos ([path to trojan]); Dencnf (Dencnf.exe); Dencnf (Dencnf.exe); Deneca (Virus salvado); Denzi (Denzi.exe); Depassx (Xfsa.exe); DepFrz (frzstate.exe); DEPKOMINFO (WlNLOGON.EXE); deploy.exe (deploy.exe); DeploymentUpdate (Deploymentupdt32.exe); DeploySettings ([path to conhost.exe]); depton (depton.exe); DERKO (EOGB.exe); DERPINA (minecraft.exe); derttey (derttey.exe); deryheruxc (keepSafe.exe); DES2 (des2.exe); DescargaBromas (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); Description of Shortcuts (*.exe); Desensitize (Desensitize.exe); designer-content (designer-wear.exe); DesignerLG.exe (DesignerLG.exe); Desk 365 (desk365.exe); DeskAd Service (DeskAdServ.exe); deskbar (dblaunch.exe); DeskBar (DeskBar.exe); DeskColor (DeskColor.exe); DeskDriveStartup (DeskDrive.exe); Deskflag (deskflag.exe); DESKLOADS (oldlogs.exe); DeskMateAutoUpdate (DeskMateAutoUpdate.exe); deskmech (deskmech.exe); Desknot ([path to file]); DeskPins (deskpins.exe); desksaver (desksaver.exe); DeskSaver (DeskSaver.exe); DeskSaver Pro (DeskSaver.exe); desksaver.exe (desksaver.exe); Desksite CMA (cma.exe); DeskSlide (DeskSlide.exe); DeskSpace (DESKSP~1.EXE); DeskSpace (deskspace.exe); DESKSSDP (aeevsnap.exe); DESKTOP ([filename]); Desktop (; desktop (desktop.exe); desktop (desktop.exe); desktop (desktop.ini.vbs); desktop (dllhost.exe); Desktop (fire.exe); Desktop (mac.exe); Desktop (rundll32.exe msconfd.dll,Restore ControlPanel); desktop (svchost.exe); Desktop Adviser (deskadv.exe); Desktop Architect (datray.exe); Desktop Armor (DesktopArmor.exe); Desktop Authority GUI (ragui.exe); Desktop Calendar (Desktop Calendar.exe); Desktop Cleanup Wizard (rundll32.exe [path] dskclean.dll); Desktop Cleanup Wizard (rundll32.exe [path] dskclnwiz.dll); Desktop Defender 2010 (Desktop Defender 2010.exe); Desktop Disc Tool (RoxioBurnLauncher.exe); Desktop iCalendar (Calendar.exe); Desktop iCalendar (Desktop iCalendar Lite.exe); Desktop iCalendar (Desktop_iCalendar.exe); Desktop iCalendar Lite (Desktop iCalendar Lite.exe); Desktop iCalendar Lite.exe (Desktop iCalendar Lite.exe); Desktop iCalendar.exe (Desktop_iCalendar.exe); Desktop Improver (DITray.exe); Desktop Maestro (deskmech.exe); Desktop Maestro Vista Tray (RMTray.exe); Desktop Management Agent ([random].exe); Desktop Manager (DesktopMgr.exe); Desktop Manager (DsktopMngr.exe); Desktop Manager (explorer.exe); Desktop Search (desktop.exe); Desktop Security 2010 (Desktop Security 2010.exe); Desktop Service Centre (DSC.exe); Desktop Temperature Monitor (DesktopTemperature.exe); Desktop Weather (The Weather Channel.exe); Desktop Weather 3 (The Weather Channel.exe); Desktop Weather 3 (THEWEA~1.EXE); Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe); Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe); Desktop Window Manager (dwwm.exe); Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe); desktop.exe (desktop.exe); Desktop_ (system_drive17392.exe); Desktop10 (mac10.exe); Desktop2 (ctfmott.exe); desktop2 (mstinit32.exe); DESKTOP2 (tassk2.exe); Desktop20 (mdrealvideo.exe); DesktopArmor (DesktopArmor.exe); DESKTOPBN ([filename].bin); DesktopConfig ([path to trojan]); DesktopConfig# ([path to trojan]); DesktopDock (DesktopDock.exe); DesktopDockApp (DesktopDockApp.exe); DesktopIconToy (DesktopIconToy.exe); DesktopLightning ([path to file]); DesktopMaestro (deskmech.exe); DesktopMaestro (RMTray.exe); DesktopNotifyer ([path to trojan]); DesktopOK (DesktopOK.exe); DesktopOK (DesktopOK_x64.exe); DesktopPlant (DesktopPlant.exe); DesktopPlant: AZARE10S.PLT (DPServer.exe AZARE10S.PLT); DesktopProf (pulpit.exe); desktops (desktops.exe); DesktopSearch (DesktopSearch.exe); DesktopSecurityGuard (wscntfy.exe); desk-top-service (desk-top-service.exe); desktoptools.exe (desktoptools.exe); DESKTOPU (WinXX.exe); Desktopup (Loader.exe); DesktopUpdate (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); DesktopWeatherAlerts (DesktopWeatherAlertsApp.exe); DesktopX (DesktopX.exe); DesktopX (IconX.exe); DesktopX Welcome (Welcome.exe); DesktopX Widget (Aero Gmail.exe); DesktopX Widget (AEROGM~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (Arcade.exe); DesktopX Widget (Clear meter bar .exe); DesktopX Widget (CLEARM~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (Core Calendar.exe); DesktopX Widget (Core Weather.exe); DesktopX Widget (CORECA~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (COREWE~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (DIGITA~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (DigitalMETER.exe); DesktopX Widget (Fishy.exe); DesktopX Widget (Glassy Calculator II.exe); DesktopX Widget (Glassy Calendar.exe); DesktopX Widget (GLASSY~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (GLASSY~2.EXE); DesktopX Widget (Gmail Checker.exe); DesktopX Widget (GMAILC~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (MOONPH~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (MoonPhase.exe); DesktopX Widget (SI2992~1.exe); DesktopX Widget (SI39E3~1.exe); DesktopX Widget (SI90AE~1.exe); DesktopX Widget (SI985F~1.exe); DesktopX Widget (SIF08B~1.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Calendar.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Clock.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Picture Frame.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Search.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica To-Do List.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Unit Converter.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Volume Control.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Weather.exe); DesktopX Widget (Silica Word of the Day.exe); DesktopX Widget (SILICA~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (Silica Clock.exe); DesktopX Widget (SILICA~3.EXE); DesktopX Widget (SILICA~4.exe); DesktopX Widget (WEATHE~1.EXE); DesktopX Widget (WeatherAni.exe); DesktopX Widget (Welcome.exe); DesktopX.exe (DesktopX.exe); Deskup (deskup.exe); DeskVaccine (DeskVaccine.exe); deskvmgr (asfeprxy.exe); deskvmgr (asfeprxy.exe); desp2k (desp2k.exe); destroy11 (destroy11.exe); Desura (desura.exe); Detect (idetect.exe); Detector (detector.exe); DetectorApp (DetectorApp.exe); DeterministicNetworks ([random].exe); Deus Cleaner (DCleaner.exe); Dev Gnu Cpp (devcpp.exe ); DevconDefaultDB (READREG); Developer Operations Network ([filename]); Developer Operations Network (devon.exe); Development Environment (devenv.exe); DEventAgent (EVENTAGT.EXE); devenv (smvss.exe); Device Association Framework (dasHost.exe); Device Detector (DevDetect.exe); Device Detector 2 (DevDtct2.exe); Device Detector 3 (DevDtct2.exe); Device Driver Setup 1.2.510.2001 ([filename].exe); Device Hardware (devicehnd.exe); Device Intelligent Identity Filtering ([path to trojan]); Device IO System (deviceio.exe); Device Management (wnsystem.exe); Device Manager (DeviceManager.exe); Device Manager (wfxmgr.exe); Device Microsoft System (devsrv.exe); Device Security (dvcsecure.exe); Device Security Driver (devicesec.exe); Device Security Manager (dvcsecure.exe); DeviceDiscovery (hpotdd01.exe); DeviceDrivers (Realtelk.exe); DEVICEMANAGERS (lsm.exe); DEVICEMANAGERS (spoolsvsdll.exe); DevicePath (Proyecto1.exe); DevicePath (Root.exe); Devices (olesvr.exe); DeviceSys ([filename].exe); Devicewin ([path to trojan]); Deviider (catsdisc.exe); Deviscli (asfeutil.exe); devldr16 (devldr16.exe); devldr16.exe (devldr16.exe); Devlog (devlog.exe); devmgmt (devmgmt.exe); DEXF (BlackWeed.exe); Dezipper AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Dezipper AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Dezipper EPM Support (dymedint.exe); Dezipper Search Scope Monitor (dysrchmn.exe); dezluinuoxib (dezluinuoxib.exe); DF Manager (dfmanager.exe); d-face (d-face.exe); DFDFDVV (microsoft.exe); dfea (dfea.exe); dfgdfgdg.exe (dfgdfgdg.exe); dfgfdgrergd ([path to backdoor]); dfgsdgfds (d236523523.exe); d-fgzsdd (d-gxdidszag10bc.exe); dfhaegeh (dfhaegeh.exe); dfjje.exe (dfjje.exe); dfopdjgja ([path to trojan]); dfqupd32.exe (dfqupd32.exe); DfqwSfS (ffsqsd.exe); DfrgCommonSnap (rundll32.exe [path] DfrgCommonSnap.dll,tapinet64); dfrgsnapnt.exe (dfrgsnapnt.exe); DFScreenS ([path to trojan]); DFSDCV.exe (DFSDCV.exe); DFVEW (start.vbs); DGH,NHN (microsoft.exe); DGJM (DGJM.exe); dgnv (upnpuiw.exe); DGStart (downloadgetupgrade.exe); dgt5 (tbimqabx.exe); dgtstart (dgtstart.exe); dguard (dguard.exe); DGup2Start (downloadgetuphp.exe); DHAgent (DHAgent.exe); DHCP (smss.exe); DHCP Client Patcher (servicespatcher.exe); DHCP Client Patcher (winsmss.exe); DHCP Manger (dhcpmgr.exe); DHCP Server (regsvr.exe); Dhcp Window Host (dhcphost.exe); Dhcp Window Host (dhcphost.exe); DHCP32 (services.exe); dhcpagnt (dhcpagnt.exe); DhcpCep (PYJJKIME.exe); dHeAZwUt (dHeAZwUt.exe); DHFUIDHFUISDOFJIEOJFIOJISDOJIOJEFIOJSDOF (Testbuild 0.8.4.exe); DHKJWZUT (ovtd1mjrsmhy.exe); DHL Shipment Notification.exe (DHL Shipment Notification.exe); DHNUXB (DHNUXB.exe); DHxaBSbLeDyP.exe (DHxaBSbLeDyP.exe); DI2 ([path to file]); diagent (diagent.exe); Diagnostic (diagnostic.exe); Diagnostic Agent (diagent.exe); Diagnostic Manager ([path to trojan]); DiagnosticConfiguration (diagcfg.exe); diagnostics (dlhost.exe); DiagnosticsService (rundll32.exe [path] DiagnosticsService.dll); DiagnosticTools.exe (DiagnosticTools.exe); DiagnosticUtility (\.exe); diagtrack (dllhost.exe); Diagx.exe.vbs (Diagx.exe.vbs); Dial32 (dl.exe); Dial33 (dlm.exe); Dialer (rundll32.exe [path] MSA32CHK.dll,Reg); Dialer Control (dc.exe); Dialer Detect (dd.exe); Dialgo SDK (PhoneAnswer.exe); DialNet (mxt32.exe); Dialog Box Assistant (OSDEx.exe); Dialog Helper (PDDLGHLP.EXE); Dialog Tracker (Nxdlghlp.exe); DialUp Network Application (Rnaap.exe); Diam prlaer (oqedrhg.exe); DIAMOND Client Startup (Client.exe); DIAMOND Client Startup (Client.exe); Diamond Delivery Center (DeliveryCenter.exe); Diamondback (razerhid.exe); Diamondview (Diamondview.exe); DiaRemover (DiaRemover.exe); DicBrowser (DicBrowser.exe); DickZits (windefender.exe); Dico (Dico.exe); dico## ([path to dico##.exe]); DictionaryBoss AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DictionaryBoss AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DictionaryBoss Browser Plugin Loader (v4brmon.exe); DictionaryBoss Browser Plugin Loader 64 (v4brmon64.exe); DictionaryBoss EPM Support (v4medint.exe); DictionaryBoss Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DictionaryBoss Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DictionaryBoss Search Scope Monitor (v4srchmn.exe); Diebold Incorporated (Diebold Incorporated.exe); DIECOX (csrss.exe); diedioh (diedioh.exe); Diesel (Recalculate.exe); DietK (DietK.exe); Digiarty_Software_AirPlayit (airplayit.exe); DigiCell (DigiCell.exe); DigiD (DigitalSound.exe); DigidesignMMERefresh (MMERefresh.exe); DigiGuide (client.exe); DigiGuide TV Guide (Client.exe); Digisoft AntiDialer (AntiDialer.exe); DigiSrv (DigiSrv.exe); digital (chrome.exe); Digital Dashboard (devgulp.exe); Digital Line Detect (DLG.exe); Digital Patrol Update 5 (update.exe); Digital Protection (digprot.exe); DigitalApp (DigitalApp.exe); DigitalMETER (DIGITA~1.EXE); DigitalMETER (DigitalMETER.exe); DigitalNames (DigitalNamesStart.exe); DigitalSites (wscript /E:vbscript /B [path] bkup.dat); DigitalWizard (ISWizard.exe); DigitalWizard Monitor (dwMon.exe); Digsby (digsby.exe); DIGServices (DIGServices.exe); DIGStream (digstream.exe); dikkoceruvyn (dikkoceruvyn.exe); Diks32 (Diks32.exe); dikwedsf (dikwedsf.exe); Dilberttest3 web link (FWLink.exe); dIlhost.exe (dIlhost.exe); DILL (Netdill.exe.lnk); diloqgohovap (diloqgohovap.exe); dimap (dimap.exe); Dimension (Dimension.exe); Dimension4 (D4.exe); dimhuzusabno (dimhuzusabno.exe); Dimon (Adobe!.exe); Dimon (Adobe!.exe); dimsdrt (clbcmf32.exe); Dinst (dinst.exe); Diomacd (fdafbfd.exe); dionpis (dionpis.exe); Dioxin.exe (Dioxin.exe); Dir1 (caKe); DIRAK ([path to backdoor]); Direct settings (sdchost.exe); Direct X (Direct X9.exe); Direct X Direct3D (dxd3d.exe); Direct X Opengl (dxopengl.exe); direct3d.exe (direct3d.exe); DirectCD (DirectCD.exe); DirectionsAce EPM Support (fvmedint.exe); DirectKeyword (DirectKeyword.exe); Director Video (btnmgern.exe); Directory (Directory.exe); Directory Opus Desktop Dblclk (dopusrt.exe); directs.exe (directs.exe); DIRECTV DSL (Directvdsl.exe); DirectX (conhost.exe); DirectX (ddhelp32.exe); DirectX (DirectX.exe); directx (Directx.exe); DirectX (DirectX.exe); DirectX (DirectX.exe); DirectX (directx32.exe); directx (NTCmd.exe); directx (PipeCmd.exe); Directx (rundll32.exe [path] [random].dll,DllRegisterServer); directx (Sqlexploit.exe); DirectX 11 (rundll32 [path] d3dx11_31.dll,includes_func_runnded); DirectX 32 (directx32.exe); DirectX 3D Service (DirectX3D.exe); DirectX Driver (stdhost.exe); DirectX For Microsoft Windows (dtxservice.exe); DirectX for Microsoft Windows (Fservice.exe); DirectX for Microsoft Windows (Sservice.exe); DirectX For Microsoft® Windows (fservice.exe); DirectX For Microsoft® Windows (fservice.exe); DirectX Microsoft® Windows (sndvr.exe); DirectX Plugin (directx32.exe); DirectX Runtime ([filename].exe); DirectX shell driver ([path to trojan]); Directx Startup Drivers (direct.exe); DirectX Video Driver (dxterm5.exe); directx.exe ([path to trojan]); directx_api (directx_api..exe); DirectX64 (DirectXset.exe); directx86.exe (directx86.exe); DirectX9 (direct3d.exe); DirectX9 (svchost32.exe); DirectX9 (Updater.exe); DirectX9 Diag (dx9diag.exe); DIRECTXUPDATES (eupdater.exe); DirecX (DirecX.exe); DirexcX (DircxtX.exe); direxshel.exe (direxshel.exe); direxwin.exe (direxwin.exe); Dirkey (Dirkey.exe); DirLock (DirLock.exe); DirLocker (dirlock.exe); dirnvv.exe (dirnvv.exe); DirrectX Microsoft© Windows (soundrv.exe); DirtyDecrypt (DirtyDecrypt.exe); Disable EHCI (nousb20.exe); disable_nasty_checks (setx SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS 1); DisableKeybaord (Rundll32.exe Keyboard,Disable); DisableMouse (Rundll32.exe Mouse,Disable); DisableWinXPWZCS (DisableWinXPWZCS.exe); Disc Detector (CtNotify.exe); Discount Buddy-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Discount Buddy-repairJob); Discount Dragon (Staging Test)-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Discount Dragon (Staging Test)-repairJob); Discount Dragon-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Discount Dragon-repairJob); DISCover (DISCover.exe); DiscoverAncestry AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); DiscoverAncestry AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); DiscoverAncestry EPM Support (chmedint.exe); DiscoverAncestry Search Scope Monitor (chsrchmn.exe); DiscoverDeskshop (Deskshop.exe); DiscUpdateManager (DiscUpdateMgr.exe); DiscUpdateManager (DiscUpdMgr.exe); discussioneIMVU.exe (discussioneIMVU.exe); DiscWizardMonitor.exe (DiscWizardMonitor.exe); disds.vbs (disds.vbs); disetypkidoz (disetypkidoz.exe); disfyqgublyx (disfyqgublyx.exe); disgx (didesgx.exe); disgx (dywwif.exe); disgx (qdwwdtx.exe); Dishonored (Windows Update.exe); Disk Check (chkdsk32.exe); Disk Cleaner (DiskCleaner.Exe); Disk Defragmentation Loader (pmsvcr.exe); Disk Essensial Tools (detsvc.exe); Disk Keeper ([path to trojan]); Disk Keeper (security.exe); Disk Knight (Knight.exe); Disk Management IntelliTrace (msceInter.exe); Disk Management Snap-in (dmview.exe); Disk Manager (diskver.exe); Disk Master ([path to backdoor]); Disk Monitor (Disk_Monitor.exe); Disk Panel Configuration (dpcsvc.exe); Disk Panel Setup (npcsvc.exe); Disk Reviver (diskreviver.exe); Disk Shadow Brightness Firewall Socket Detection ([path to trojan]); DiskCheck (msdarkend.exe); diskchk (diskmon32.exe); DiskCleanMain (DiskClean.exe); DiskeeperSystray (DkIcon.exe); Disker (rundll32.exe [path] [name].DLL); Disker (rundll32.exe [path] HIMYM.DLL); Disker (rundll32.exe [path] MS2011Helper.DLL); Diskinf (diskinf.exe); DiskManager (DiskManager.exe); Diskmon.exe (Diskmon.exe); Disknag (disknag.exe); diskpart (diskpart.exe); DiskPiePro (DiskPiePro.exe); DiskPower (DiskPower.exe); DiskRetter (SysRep.exe); Diskstart (cat.exe); Diskstart (Code.exe); Diskstart (hit.exe); Diskstart (Snt.exe); DiskSuite (aDSProcMngr.exe); disnisa (disnisa.exe); Dispatcher (dispatcher.exe); dispenter (dispenter.exe); Display (backup.exe); Display (DataCollectionLauncher.exe); Display (rundll32.exe [path] [random].dll,DllRegisterServer); display (The_Eye.exe); Display Adapter component (igfxtray.exe); Display Card Driver (rundll32.exe [path] msdap.dll); Display Drivers (cssrs.exe); Display Settings (hptasks.exe); Display-Driver (displaynw.exe); Display-Driver (windowsconfig.exe); DisplayFusion (DisplayFusion.exe); displaylink (displaylink.exe); DisplayManager (DisplayManager.exe); displaynw (displaynw.exe); DisplayProfilePolicy (rundll32 [path] [filename].dll,DllRegisterServer); DisplaySwitch (DisplaySwitch.exe); DisplaySwitch (securitywindrv.exe); DisplaySwitch (syssecurity.exe); DisplaySwitch (SystemRoot.exe); DisplayTrayIcon (TrayIcon.exe); DisplayUpdate2014 (DisplayUpdate2014.exe); DisplayWorker (displaywork.exe); dispraisers (regsvr32 [path] ctfmonm.dll); Disspy (disspy.exe); Dist-FBGeneve (GDC.exe); Distiller Assistant 3.01 (DISTASST.EXE); Distributed File System (blade.exe); Distributed File System (Dfsvc.exe); Distributed File System (kernel32dll.exe); Distributed File System (win.exe); Distributed Link Tracking (ascvt.exe); Distributed Transaction Coordinator (msdtc.exe); Distributed Transaction Coordinator System (svchoct.exe); client (dnetc.exe); Dit (dit.exe); Dit (Dit.exe); DiTask.exe (DiTask.exe); Ditto (Ditto.exe); Div (Lss.exe); Divamon.exe (Divamon.exe); Divx (codll.exe); divx (divxenc.exe); DivX Download Manager (DDmService.exe); DivX Download Manager Service (DDmService.exe); DivX MediaPlayer 7.0 (Dr.DivX.exe); DivX Player (DivXPlayer.exe); DivX Update (DivXUpdate.exe); Divx Update (msdcsc.exe); DivX Updater (divx.exe); DIVX Video Player ([path to DIVXPloyer.exe]); DivXCodec (NEWMAIL.exe); DivXMediaServer (DivXMediaServer.exe); DivXUpdate (DivXUpdate.exe); Divyesh (Divyesh.exe); diwiqarpaceh (diwiqarpaceh.exe); Dixons Insert Detect (InsDetect.exe); dixxodotbuod (dixxodotbuod.exe); DJASID ([path to trojan]); djdsdvqwa (vjdhdg.exe); djebmm350.exe (djebmm350.exe); djfake.exe (djfake.exe); DJFNWJFNS32 (microsoft01.exe); DJRegFix (regedit /s [path] djregfix.reg); DJSNetCN (DJSNetCN.exe); djtopr1150.exe (djtopr1150.exe); djvuapp (djvuapp.exe); dKernel (dKernel.exe); dkfookpaws (windowbeginnerforallusers.exe); DkService (DkService.exe); DKTime (dktime.exe); Dkware lptt01 (dkware.exe); Dkware ml097e (dkware.exe); dkz (sqlserver.exe); dkzzixm (dkzzixm.exe); DLA (DLACTRLW.EXE); dla (tfswctrl.exe); DLACTRLW (DLACTRLW.EXE); DLACTRLW.EXE (DLACTRLW.EXE); dlatray (dlatray.exe); dlbcserv (dlbcserv.exe); DLBTCATS (rundll32 [path] DLBTtime.dll,_RunDLLEntry@16); 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D-Link D-Link Wireless 108G DWA-520 (AirPlusCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless G DWA-110 (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless G DWA-510 (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless G DWL-G122_DWA-110 (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless N Dual Band DWA-160 (AirNCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless N DWA-130 (AirNCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Wireless N DWA-140 (AirNCFG.exe); D-Link D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band DWA-160 (AirNCFG.exe); D-Link RangeBooster G WDA-2320 (AirPlusCFG.exe); D-Link RangeBooster G WUA-2340 (AirPlusCFG.exe); DLink System Tray (dlnetst.exe); D-Link Wireless G WDA-1320 (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link Wireless G WUA-1340 (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link Wireless G WUA-1340 (AirGCFG.exe); dlite (dllmanager.exe); DLKJhghfdhg (DLKJhghfdhg.exe); dll (dll.exe); DLL (dll.exe); DLL (file.exe); dll (Recycled.exe); dll (svchost32.exe); Dll Boot Loader on Startup (do not remove this) ([various filenames]); DLL Host 64/32.0 (dllhost.exe); Dll Link (svchoist.exe); Dll Link (svchost.exe); DLL Manager (dllmngr32.exe); Dll Service (dllservice.exe); 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dndsioc (dndsioc.exe); DNE Binding Watchdog (rundll dnes.dll,DnDneCheckBindings); DNE DUN Watchdog (rundll dnes.dll,DnDneCheckDUN13); dnheds (rundll32.exe [path to trojan]); DNHelper32 (DNHlp32.exe); dniw.exe (dniw.exe); dnote (dnote.exe); DNS ([worm filename]); DNS (mc-110-12-0000079.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000080.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000093.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000120.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000140.exe); DNS Config service (win32.exe); DNS Manager (dnsmgr.exe); Dns Resolver (dnsrslve.exe); Dns Server (dnswn.exe); DNS Service (dnsresolver.exe); DNS Service (dnssvc.exe); dns_settings (msidns.exe); DNS2GoClient (DNS2GOCLIENT.EXE); DNS7reminder (Ereg.exe Ereg.ini); DnsBlock (DnsBlockTray.exe); dnscache (cache1.exe); DnsCache (Wscript.exe [path] dns_cache.vbs); DNSCacheBoost ([path to trojan]); dnscleaner (dnscleaner.exe); DNSE (DNSE.exe); DNSKSI.exe (DNSKSI.exe); DNSPROVIDE (CatalystLoader.exe); DnsUpdater ([filename].exe); dnswin (dnswin.exe); DnTkzPuOyC (FlashAdobest.exe.lnk); DNXVC (dnxvc.exe); DO7DWV481U0P.exe (DO7DWV481U0P.exe); doc (doc.exe); doc (doc.exe); DoctoAVDownloadMgr (DoctoAntiVirus.exe); DocTor (Doctor.exe); Doctor (rundll32.exe [path] Doctor.dll); Doctor Antivirus 2008 (antvr.exe); DoctorPC (DoctorPC.exe); DoctorSecurityMain (DoctorSecurity.exe); DoctorV (DoctorVLaunch.exe); DocuMagix Init (PWATCH.EXE); Document (Document.exe); Document (logs.exe); Document Explorer (explorer.exe); Document Explorer2 (crss.exe); Document Explorer3 (csrss.exe); Document Manager (docmgr.exe); documento.exe (documento.exe); DocumentPerformanceEvents (DocumentPerformanceEvents.exe); Dodo Speed Accelerator (slipgui.exe); Dofbot (Dofbot.exe); dofus (dofus.exe); dofus (dofus.exe); Dofus (Dofus.exe); Dofus (Dofus.exe); Dofus (DofusBot.exe); Doggy Style (MsPMSPSd.exe); DOGStart (GSDOGST.EXE); Doing (doing.exe); doit.exe (doit.exe); DokterFix (SysRep.exe); dolkeavukzag (dolkeavukzag.exe); dolphiN (dolphiN.exe); DolphinsScreenServerSvc (DolphinsScreenServer.exe); dom (dom.exe); Domain Name Resolve Service (dnsresolver.exe); Domino (Domino.EXE); DominoLoader (netpubloader.exe); domohuntijuj (domohuntijuj.exe); DomPlayer Service (wakeservice.exe); don (don.exe); donnyone (svchost.exe); Don't Panic (dontpanicdemodp.exe); Don't Panic Pop-Up Stopper (dpps2.exe); Don't Panic! (DP.EXE); don't see (don't see.exe); Dontworry (mysaym.exe); donx (donx.exe); doopp (doop32.exe); DOPCNOW (dpc32.exe); Dopus (dopus.exe); doqmalnapoqs (doqmalnapoqs.exe); DORAMIZ (htdschk.exe); dordi (rundll32.exe [path] dordi.dll,Init); dorfgwe (uret463.exe); dork (Trojan.Banker); Dorm (crypts.exe); doro-search (doro-searchUp.exe); DoroServer (DoroServer.exe); dos (dos64.exe); Dos Prompt Loader (cygwin.exe); doscp (doscp.exe); Networking (SNSS32.EXE); Dot1XCfg (Dot1XCfg.exe); Dothabit (dot_experienced.exe); dothujecixdo (dothujecixdo.exe); dotNET (dotNET.exe); dotrudtegibd (dotrudtegibd.exe); DotSpot Search Scope Monitor (2ksrchmn.exe); DotSpot_2k Browser Plugin Loader (2kbrmon.exe); DoubleDesktop (dd.exe); doublevaccine (doublevaccineu.exe); DoUWantIt (duwi.exe); dowlond (wscript.exe [path] dowlond.vbs); dowlond.vbs (dowlond.vbs); Dowmingzu (Dowmingzu.dll.vbs); down ([trojan filename]); down (down.exe); down (hlp32.exe); Down2Home (Down2Home.exe); DownBook (DownBook.exe); downdown (down); 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Driver Control Manager v3.2 (brdevet.exe); Driver Control Manager v4.6 (devetnae.exe); Driver Control Manager v5.1 (dvadescetr.exe); Driver Control Manager v7.1 (cetrdeje.exe); Driver Control Manager v7.5 (cetrdeosa.exe); Driver Control Manager v7.7 (sesnaesttoo.exe); Driver Control Manager v8.1 (sesdessetri.exe); Driver Control Manager v8.2 (sesdessecetra.exe); Driver For Microsoft Windows (msnmsgr.exe); Driver For Microsoft Windows (Windows live messenger.exe); Driver Genius (DriverGenius.exe); Driver Genius Scheduler (DriverGenius.exe); Driver Host Windows (driver_host.exe); Driver Load Manager (System.32 !!!!); Driver Maximizer (DMTray.exe); Driver Pro (DPLauncher.exe); Driver Pro (Driverpro.exe); Driver sound (Driver sound.exe); Driver Support (DriverSupport.exe); Driver Update Manager (micromgr.exe); Driver Update Manager (VbZaHmY.exe); Driver Updater (dupdater.exe); Driver Updater_Logon (aptdu.exe); Driver Whiz (DriverWhiz.exe); Driver Wizard (DWLauncher.exe); driver.exe (driver.exe); 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DropboxW (DropboxW.exe); DropinSavings-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js DropinSavings-repairJob); dropped.exe (dropped.exe); DropRum.exe (DropRum.exe); DropSpam Lifestyle (dslifestyle.exe); DrPcFree (DrPFUpdate.exe); DrProtection (DrProtection.exe); DRPU Pc Data manager (apcdm.exe); Drsktop (Photo49.exe); Drsktop.exe (Drsktop.exe); drv (driver.exe); drv_st_key (hidn.exe); drvddll.exe (drvddll.exe); Drvddll_exe (drvddll.exe); drverset (windrv.exe); drvhandler.exe (drvhandler.exe); DrvIcon (DrvIcon.exe); DrvIFxAPI (DrvIFxAPI.exe); DrvInst (bpd.exe); DrvListnr (DrvListnr.exe); drvlsnr (drvlsnr.exe); DrvMon.exe (DrvMon.exe); drvnetw (drvnetw.exe); DRVPREP (monsrvc.exe); drvrmanager (drvrquery32.exe); DrvStart (HPMedia.exe); drvsys.exe (drvsys.exe); drvsyskit (hidr.exe); drvsyskit (hldrrr.exe); drvsyskit (winupgro.exe); drvupd (rundll32 [path] drvupd.inf); drwasmui (sppc.exe); DrWatson (cleanmgr.exe); DrWatson (drwatson_32.exe); DrWatson32bit (image.exe); DrWeb Antivirus (DRWEBAV.EXE); 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DT HSP (DT_startup.exe); DT HWP (DT_startup.exe); DT HWP (DTHtml.exe); DT LGE (DT_startup.exe); DT LGE (DTHtml.exe); DT PHL (DTHtml.exe); DT PLP (DT_startup.exe); DT Task (DTHtml.exe); DT VSC (DTHtml.exe); DT###.exe (DT###.exe); DT_HPO (DTuneStartup.exe); DTAgent (DTAgent.exe); DTlite (DTlite.exe); DTRSFRNFYM (dpserialo.exe); DU Meter (DUMeter.exe); DualBiosRescue (dbrro.exe); DualCoreCenter (DualCoreCenter.exe); DualCoreCenter (StartUpDualCoreCenter.exe); DualMatching (dm.exe); DualVaccine (DualVaccine.exe); Duane Reade Insert Detect (InsDetect.exe); duaneez (duaneez.exe); DuArTaBy (DuArTaBy.exe); duchuvaxrr (tempfile.exe); duck (duck.exe); DUControl (DUControl.exe); ducupdate (duc.exe); dudbymcylhyf (dudbymcylhyf.exe); dudjeznormul (dudjeznormul.exe); duecuf (duecuf.exe); duedue (duedue.exe); dugokgeaqipe (dugokgeaqipe.exe); dujizgaqbeap (dujizgaqbeap.exe); Dulux WeatherShield WeatherDesk (weather.exe); Dumeter Services (dumeter.exe); Dump (Dump.exe); dumprep (dump.exe); dumprep (dump-k.exe); 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Dynamic DHCP (dydhcp.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (cmd16.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (dynitora.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (WinHelpcfn.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (winxp34.exe); Dynamic Link Library loader (Loader32.exe); DynDNS Updater (DynDNS.exe); DynDNS Updater (DynUpPs.exe); DynDNS Updater Tray Icon (DynTray.exe); DynDNS-Updater Traytool (ddutray.exe); DynHttp Dns Binary (dynizari.exe); DynSite (DynSite.exe); Dynu Basic Client (dynubas.exe); dyqepjokubex (dyqepjokubex.exe); dzg32.exe (dzg32.exe); DZKillMe (DZSAVEME.EXE)

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