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Startup program list - Mj to Mz

This is an index of all the entries in the Windows start-up programs database where the Startup Item/Name begins with Mj through to Mz. For the main index see here.

If you have been directed straight to this page, please also look at the introduction to what startup programs are and how to identify and disabling them here.

The reason for these simplified lists being here is that the popular Google search engine only indexes the first 100K of a web page. To ensure that visitors looking for information on startup programs come to the right place, this index is presented.

MJ (te32.exe); mjc (mjc.exe); MJCXREYWRURCOTI0MJNFMK (kratrwrk.exe); Mjjicrt ddd Manager (windog.exe); Mkasc (drweb.exe); mkb.exe (mkb.exe); MKbMc (gdi32.exe); Mkbta (install.exe); MKbtc (hexdump.exe); Mkbuqc (iexplarer.exe); MKcrc (login.exe); Mkcuc (lsass.exe); MKcZ (mdm.exe); MKdw+ (nvsvc32.exe); Mkee (user.exe); Mketa (services.exe); Mkeuf (spoolsv.exe); Mkevc (setup.exe); Mkewe (sysmgm.exe); Mkexe (system.exe); MKfPc (win16.exe); Mkfpe (winamp.exe); Mkfre (wininst.exe); mkl ([path to file]); MKLOL (MK.exe); MKZe (avp.exe); MKZSc (avp32.exe); ml00!.exe (ml00!.exe); ML1HelperStartUp (ML1HEL~1.EXE); ML1HelperStartUp (ML1Helper.exe); ml34 (helpermlm4.exe); ml34 (mlm4.exe); Mlcr0s0ftf DDEs C0ntr0i (WAed.pif); Mlcrosoft (Win.exe); MlCROSOFT FEnR (MlCROSOFT.EXE); MLD32 (mld.exe); mlibsysmc (comzcinc.exe); mlkkhesys (rundll32.exe [path] [random].dll); mload (lxmstart.exe); mlogcsc.exe (mlogcsc.exe); Mls (Mks.exe); mm_server (mm_server.exe); MMB2 (explorer.exe); MMC (inisys.exe); mmc (mmc.exe); mmcbrowse97 (rundll32.exe [path] mmcbrowse97.dll); mmcndmgr (mmcndmgr.exe); MMCWINMGMT (winmgmt.exe); MmDllLoader.exe (MmDllLoader.exe); mmemdrv (mmemdrv.exe); MMERefresh (MMERefresh.exe); Mmessenger (messenger.exe); Mmgsvc (mmgsvc.exe); MMhid (rundll32 mmhid.dll,StartMmHid); MMicrosoft Security Management (inetforn.exe); MMKeybd (MMKeybd.exe); mmkodvfm (mmkodvfm.dat); MMLQMT (GkxwNQ.exe); Mmm (Mmm.exe); mmmname.vbs (mmmname.vbs); mmnext06 (trjdwnl.dll); mmod (mmod.exe); mmpti (m1mmpti.exe); MMReminderService (MMReminderService.exe); MMRun (mmrun.exe); mmsass (mmdmm.exe); mmsddlx ([filename].exe); MMSSJUIT (MMSSJUIT.cpl); mmsys (recover.exe); MMSystem (rundll32.exe mmsystem.dll,RunDll32); MMSYSTRAY_NAME (mmsystray.exe); mmtask (mmtask.exe); Mmtask (mmtask.exe); MMtask Service (mmtask.exe); MMTray (mm_tray.exe); MMTray (MMTray.exe); MMTray2K (MMTray2K.exe); MMTrayLSI (MMTrayLSI.exe); mmva (mmvo.exe); mmxogcut (bgtufejk.exe); mmxp2passion.exe (mmxp2passion.exe); mmxrun (msosa.exe); mmxrun (mswinindex.exe); mN (mN.exe); mndis.exe (mndis.exe); MnH8BPqsTcNhl9ZflpU= (bootcfg.exe); mnigfiu (rundll32 [path] mnigfiu.dll); mnj64.exe (mnj64.exe); mnklins (mnklins.exe); MNMMSN.EXE (tskhot.exe); MNS (MNS.exe); mnsa (mnso.exe); mnsvc (mnsvc.exe); mnsvcsp (mnsvcsp.exe); mnu (igomnu.exe); MNuYHuia (MNuYHuia.exe); MobCDev (MobCDev.exe); mobil.bat (mobil.bat); mobil.exe (mobil.exe); Mobile Connectivity Suite (Application Launcher.exe); Mobile Device Service (msnmsg32.exe); Mobile Phone Suite (MobilePhoneSuite.exe); mobile PhoneTools (mPhonetools.exe); MobileAppSync (D2MClient.exe); MobileBroadband (MobileBroadband.exe); MobileDocuments (ubd.exe); mobilegeni daemon (DaemonProcess.exe); MobileGo Service (MobileGoService.exe); MobileMe (AppleSyncNotifier.exe); MobileMeter (mobmeter.exe); MobileTel Internet Accelerator (slipgui.exe); MobileXpressTray.exe (MobileXpressTray.exe); Mobipocket Reader Notifications (readernotify.exe); Mobipocket Web Companion (webcomp.exe); mobiswing ([random].exe); MOBKIT (Shell.exe appLaunchClientZone.shl); mobojuinumo (mobojuinumo.exe); mobsfmon (RpcPperf.exe); mobsync (mobsync.exe); mobsync (mobsync.exe); MOBSYNC32.EXE (mobsync32.exe); MOBTASKBARICON (GestMaj.exe TaskBarIcon.exe); MOC (MOC.exe); mocinotwycib (mocinotwycib.exe); MOD (muamgr.exe); modelo.exe (modelo.exe); Modem Driverz Updates (mdmdrv.exe); MODEMBTR (MODEMBTR.EXE); Modeminf (modeminf.exe); ModemListener (ModemListener.exe); ModemOnHold (MOH.EXE); ModemOnHold (netWaiting.exe); ModemUtility (mdmsetpe.exe); ModemUtility (mdmsetsp.exe); Modifiet Amateur HTPB (wuaclt.exe); modpro_x_.exe (modpro_x_.exe); ModPS2 (ModPS2Key.exe); ModularConfig (syscnfg.exe); Module (spa.exe); Module Call initialize (RUNDLL32.EXE reg.dll,ondll_reg); Module Loader (DLLML.exe); Module WinMeter (wimmtre.exe); Modules (wvnccscv.exe); modules.exe (modules.exe); MODULI1 ([binary data]); Modulo 00FE0F01 Host Internet (syschost.exe); Modulo Update (SoftwareUpdateHP.exe); Modulo Update (UpdateTutorialsHP.exe); Modulo_Ad_Autorizador ([path to trojan]); Modulo_Ad_bne ([path to trojan]); Modulo_administrativo ([filename]); Modulo_administrativo ([path to trojan]); ModuloSec (dreamx.exe); mofenitor (plugin.exe); moffibdezrem (moffibdezrem.exe); moft.exe (moft.exe); mojang (svchost.exe); MojangService (MojangService.exe); mojnovac (mojin.exe); MOJNPluginSrIvcs (neomonap23.exe); mokisdr (mokisdr.dll,mokisdr); molecule (molecule.exe); MolldiveUpdater (MolldiveUpdater.exe); mon (mon.exe); MON TOF.exe (MON TOF.exe); monange (zorder.exe); MonAppli ([path to trojan]); MonContenuassistant (GDC.exe); monech32.exe (monech32.exe); MoneroPay (MoneroPayAgent.exe); MoneyAgent (mnyexpr.exe); MoneyAgent (money express.exe); Money-making (AudioCard.exe); MoneyStartUp (Money Startup.exe); MoneyStartUp10.0 (Activation.exe); monfnh32.exe (monfnh32.exe); MONITOR (ethernetdriver.exe); Monitor (explor.exe); monitor (monitor.exe); Monitor (Monitor.exe); monitor (monitor.exe); monitor (RunDLL32.exe Shell32.DLL,Control_RunDLL ServicoWindows.cpl); Monitor (SD Monitor.exe); Monitor Apache Servers (ApacheMonitor.exe); Monitor calibration (AV1i.exe); Monitor de conectividad del cliente del servidor de seguridad (ISATRAY.EXE); Monitor Helper (monitor.exe); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 1010 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 1050 J410 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 1510 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 2510 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 2540 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 2540 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 3050A J611 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 3050A J611 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 3510 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 3510 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 4620 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 4620 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP ENVY 110 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP ENVY 110 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP ENVY 4500 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP ENVY 4500 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 4620 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 4620 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 6700 (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 6700 (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet Pro 8600 (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet Pro 8600 (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 5510d series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 5510d series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 5520 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 5520 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 6520 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 6520 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 7510 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 7510 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 7520 series (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Photosmart 7520 series (Network) (HPStatusBL.dll); Monitor SynManager (fecwvncd.exe); Monitor Test ([random filename]); monitor1a (monitor1a.exe); MonitorControl (HIDDEN.exe); Monitoring (catmonn.exe); Monitoring Service (svchost.exe); Monitormgt (Monitormgt.exe); MonitorSD (SDMonitor.exe); monmvr32.exe (monmvr32.exe); monnwb32.exe (monnwb32.exe); mono.exe (mono.exe); MonoCecil.exe (MonoCecil.exe); Monopod (*.exe); Monosnap (Monosnap.exe); MONOUPDATE (monocsc.exe); MONPluginSrIvcs (n3monap23.exe); Monster (Monster.exe); Monster Savings-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Monster Savings-repairJob); MONSTERSOUNDTRAY (FREECTRL.EXE); MonTest (vccxzq.exe); Montreal Canadiens Weather (Montreal Canadiens Weather.exe); monxga32.exe (monxga32.exe); MoodBook (mb.exe); MoodLogic Service (MLService.exe); MoodLogic Updater (Updater.exe); MoodLogicTV (mtv.exe); Moomt (moomt.exe); moon phase (moon.exe); Moon Phase (MOONPH~1.EXE); Moon Phase (MoonPhase.exe); MooNlight (MySqld-nt.cmd); Moony (moony.exe); mophe (mophe.exe); MoreContent (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MoreResults (MoreResults.exe); Morfeu Trojan ([path to trojan]); Morfix (AudioHD.exe); morlvs (morlvs.exe); Morpheus (morpheus.exe); morphstb (morphstb.exe); Mortalvb.exe (Mortalvb.exe); mosadl (mosadl.exe); MOSearch (MOSEARCH.EXE); mosodcysbear (mosodcysbear.exe); MoSuLuS (MoSuLuS.exe); Motherboard Config (Ati2xxx.exe); MotherBoard Sounds (Sounds.exe); MotionSD STUDIO - SD Browser auto start - (AutoLauncher.exe); Motitags AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Motitags AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Motitags EPM Support (94medint.exe); Motitags Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Motitags Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Motitags Search Scope Monitor (94srchmn.exe); Motitags_94 Browser Plugin Loader (94brmon.exe); Motitags_94 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (94brmon64.exe); Motive SmartBridge (BTHelpNotifier.exe); Motive SmartBridge (MotiveSB.exe); MotiveMonitor (motmon.exe); MotiveSB (MotiveSB.exe); MotMon (motmon.exe); motoin (mm15201518.Stub.exe); Motor_Tracking_Tool (MTTool.exe); Motorola Desktop Suite (DesktopSuite.exe); Motorola Desktop Suite mRouter Config (mRouterConfig.exe); Mount Safe & Sound (FBMOUNT.EXE); mount.exe (mount.exe); Mountain Internet Web Accelerator (mtngui.exe); Mouse ([filename].exe); mouse (mouse.exe); Mouse (rundll32.exe [path] [random].dll,DllRegisterServer); Mouse Suite 98 Daemon (ICO.EXE); Mouse Suite 98 Daemon (pelmiced.exe); Mousebut (mousebut.exe); Mousecntl (mousecntl.exe); Mousecntl32 (mousecntl32.exe); MouseCount (MC.exe); mousedrive.exe (instantmsgrs.exe); MouseDriver (mdriver.exe); mousedriver.exe (mousedriver.exe); MouseDrv ([path to worm]); Mousedrv (mousedrv.exe); MouseDrv (update.exe); mouseElf (mouseElf.exe); MouseImp (MImpHost.exe); MouseMate98 (gmouse.exe); mousepad ([path to trojan]); MouseWare (Logi_MwX.exe); Mousinfo (mousinfo.exe); MoussaEvil (LSASS.EXE); MoussaEvil (LSSASS.EXE); MoveSearch (Search.exe); MoveSearch (zsearch.exe); MOVIDAR (plugin.exe); movie (dmw.exe); Movie maquer_app (Copyright.exe); MovieDea (MovieDea.exe); Movielink Manager Uninstall (msvcmm32.exe); MovieM (lmovie.exe); moviemk (moviemk.exe); MovieNetworks (MovieNetworks.exe); Movieplace (Movieplace.exe); movieplayer (movieplayer.exe); MoviePlayer (MoviePlayer.exe); MoviePlayer (MoviePlayer.exe); moworjotamo (moworjotamo.exe); mozila (explorer.exe); Mozila (mozila.exe); mozila (mozila_addon.exe); mozila (Script.exe); Mozila Firefox (firebox.exe); Mozila Firefox (firefox.exe); Mozilla ([random].exe); Mozilla (Mozilla.exe); mozilla (Script.exe); Mozilla Firebird v0.8 Internet Browser (netstats.exe); Mozilla Firefox (csrss.exe); Mozilla Firefox (F1REF0X.EXE); Mozilla Firefox (firefox.exe); Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla. Firefox.exe); Mozilla Firefox (Server.exe); Mozilla Firefox (svchost.exe); Mozilla Firefox Check 8.0.1 (q09nufv.exe); Mozilla Firefox Check 8.0.1 (q1joskv.exe); Mozilla Firefox Check 8.0.1 (qu5eukv.exe); Mozilla Firefox Check 8.0.1 (vk1hlun.exe); Mozilla Firefox Update Agent (updater.exe); Mozilla Firefox Updater (start.vbs); Mozilla Firefox.exe (Mozilla Firefox.exe); Mozilla Firefox.exe (Mozilla Firefox.exe); Mozilla Quick Launch (Mozilla.exe); Mozilla Quick Launch (NETSCP.EXE); Mozilla Quick Launch (Netscp6.exe); Mozilla Quick Launch (SEAMON~1.EXE); Mozilla Update (updater.exe); Mozilla. Firefox (Mozilla. Firefox.exe); Mozilla.exe (Mozilla.exe); mozilla_cleanup (xpicleanup.exe); MozillaAgent ([path to trojan]); Mozillacorp (system.exe); MozillaFirefoxUpdate (app.exe); MozillaFirefoxUpdate (Svchost.exe); MozillaFirefoxuse (MozillaFirefoxuse.exe); MozillaFirefoxy (MozillaFirefoxy.exe); MozillaIE (BHC.exe); MozillaManager (runudp.exe); MozillaPlugins ([filename].exe); MozillaUpdater (mozillaupdater.exe); MozillaUpdater (updater.exe); Mozy Status (mozystat.exe); Mozzarella (Mozzarella.exe); Mozzila (svchost.exe); MozzilaFirefox ([random numbers].exe); mp (mplayer2.exe); mp (Mplayer2.exe); mp (Mplayer2.exe); MP Services (mpsvc.exe); MP Tcloakss (mptclock.exe); MP Tcloaxs (mptcloaxs.exe); MP Tclockvv (mptclock.exe); MP Tclockvv (mptclockvv.exe); MP_STATUS_MONITOR (monitr32.exe); MP10_EnsureFileVer (unregmp2.exe); MP3 CD Extractor (CD-Extractor.exe); Mp3 Loader (Sysdata.EXE); Mp3 player (explorer.exe); MP3 Rocket (silent) (MP3Rocket_on_startup.exe); MP3CDMaker (MP3CDMaker.exe); MP3Collection (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3download (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3files (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3freeDownload (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3freeDownloads (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3nice (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); mp3play (mp3play.exe); Mp3Player (Mp3Player.exe); Mp3tagApp (Mp3tagApp.exe); MP3Themes (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP3ToTheMax (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); MP4 Player (mp4Player.exe); mp4comp (tryme.exe); Mpagkylasb (wmnetmgra.exe); mpapr (rundll32.exe [path] mpapr.dll); MPatrolPRO (MPatrolPRO.exe); MPC AdCleaner (AdCleaner.exe); mpck_**_# (mpck_**_#.exe); mpconfig (mpconfig.exe); MPFExe (mcagent.exe); MPFExe (MPFTray.exe); MPFTray (MPFTray.exe); MPL32 driver (MPL32.exe); mplaarts (compager.exe); mplay32xe.exe (mplay32xe.exe); MPlay64 (mplay64.exe); MPlayer2 (MPlayer2.pif); MPlayer2_FixUp (unregmp2.exe); mpLockDrive (LockDrive.exe); MplSetup (MplSetup.exe); MPM Manager (MPM.exe); MpMsEngX64 (MpMsEngX64.exe); MPNet (mpn.exe); MPOptimizer (MaxPerforma.exe); MPower (MPower.exe); mppdds (mppdds.exe); mppds (mppds.exe); MPR MSG (mprmsg32.exe); MPREXE (MPREXE.EXE); MprHTML (MprHTML.exe); mprmec (mprmec.exe); mprocessor (mprocessor.exe); MPSExe (mscifapp.exe); MpsOnn (MpsOnn.exe); MPSSPDR16 (mwps.exe); mpt (mpt.exe); MPtask Services (mptask.exe); MPTBox (MPTBox.exe); mptsgsvc.exe (mptsgsvc.exe); MPXTray (mpxptray.exe); mqadscp3 (mqadscp3.exe); mqbknsta (migparts.exe); mqbkup (mqbkup.exe); mqbkupdbs (mqbkup.exe); mqkldrv (wininit.exe); mqkldrv (wininit32.exe); mqkldrv (winlogon32.exe); MqNrGCelXZp (SorIPhcHBDl.exe); Mqpe (avp.exe); MqpSc (avp32.exe); Mqqoc (debug.exe); MqqZ (cmd.exe); Mqrta (install.exe); Mqrtc (hexdump.exe); Mqruqc (iexplarer.exe); Mqsrc (login.exe); MqsZ (mdm.exe); MQT Svc (mqtsvc.exe); MqtgSVC (mqtgsvc.exe /waitservice); Mqtw+ (nvsvc32.exe); Mque (user.exe); Mqurb (taskmgr.exe); Mquta (services.exe); Mqutc (sysedit.exe); Mquuf (spoolsv.exe); Mquvc (setup.exe); Mquxe (system.exe); Mqva (win.exe); MqvPc (win32.exe); Mqvpe (winamp.exe); Mqvre (wininst.exe); mr.scr (mr.scr); mr_ahmed.vbs (mr_ahmed.vbs); Mr_CoolFace_Game (Emma.exe); MrAntispy (MrAntispy.exe); MRC (PCTuneUp.exe); mrcds series ([path to slideshow.exe]); MREU (ir41_qcxi.exe); MrJawad (wscript.exe [path] MrJawad.vbs); mrniains (aroscaz.exe); mrnicain (mirwse.exe); mrniiods (irobs.exe); mrnisecs (mrsapis.exe); mRouter (mRouterConfig.exe); mRouterConfig (mRouterConfig.exe); mrs.exe (mrs.exe); mrsvctr (mrsvctr.exe); mrtw (mrtw.exe); MRUBlaster (indexcleaner.exe); MRU-Blaster Scheduler (scheduler.exe); MRU-Blaster Silent Clean (mrublaster.exe); mrupdsrv (mrupdsrv.exe); mrvbiu (mrvbiu.exe); mrx (mrx.exe); MS (ms.exe); MS (sample.exe); ms (svhost32.exe); MS Agent Protection (ag1.exe); MS AntiSpyware 2009 (msas2009.exe); MS Auto-IPSec Protection (MSASP32.exe); MS Autoloader 32 (MSAuto32.exe); MS BitDefender (msdefender.exe); MS BitDefender (service.exe); Ms Builders (Wupated.exe); MS Common User Interface (svchost.exe); MS Config (msdconfig.exe); MS Config Loader (svchos1.exe); MS Config Loader (svcrhost.exe); MS Config Service (Msloader32.exe); MS Config Stream (msasm.exe); MS Config v12 (mscfg12.exe); MS Config v13 (lrbz32.exe); MS Config v13 (mscfg13.exe); Ms configsu (msconfigsu.exe); Ms Configuration (microsoftsa32.exe); MS Configuration (MSFramer.exe); MS Configuration Utility (msconfig32.exe); MS DATABASE (MSDATA32.EXE); MS Decryption Software (active.exe); MS Defender ([random].exe); MS DirectX Sound Drivers (msdrvdx.exe); MS DLL Library Manager (dllsys64.exe); MS Domain Name Server Deamon (MSDNSD32.exe); MS Domain Name System (MSWDNS32.exe); MS Driver Management ([filename].exe); MS DVD DirectX Dll Drivers (mdxdl.exe); MS DVD DirectX Sound Drivers (msdrvdx.exe); MS Essentials (msessentials.exe); MS Explorer (mexplore.exe); MS FIREWALL (msfirewall.exe); MS FIREWALL (msfirewall.exe); MS Host (msthost.exe); MS Host Manager (ivhost.exe); MS Hosting Service Login (explorer.exe); MS Hosts (msthosts.exe); MS HTML (msHtml.exe); MS HTML (mslat.exe); MS HTML Location Class (MSHTML32.exe); MS IIS 5.01 (MS_IIS.exe); MS IIS 5.01 (MS_System.exe); MS Initial (mstinitial.exe); MS Internet Executor 32 (MSIXEC32.exe); MS Internet Explore (MSIEx.exe); MS Java Applets for Windows NT & XP (javaapplet.exe); MS Java Applets for Windows NT, ME & XP (javaapplets.exe); Ms Java for Windows 98, NT, ME & XP (msjavames.exe); Ms Java for Windows 98, NT, XP & ME (msjavaxps.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT (mguard.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT (MS32.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT (msi32info.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT (msi32java.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT (msijavaup32.exe); Ms Java for Windows NT & XP (msjava.exe); MS Java for Windows NT, XP & ME (xpjavams.exe); MS Java for Windows XP & NT (javanet.exe); MS Java Service Wrapper Windows NT & XP (wrapper.exe); Ms Java Update For Windows NT/XP (msejavaupdt32.exe ); Ms Java Update For Windows NT/XP (msijavaupdt32.exe); MS Java virtual machine (javavm.exe); MS LARISSA (MS_LARISSA.exe); MS lsass Startup (lsass135.exe); MS management console (mms.exe); MS Manager32 Startup (manager32.exe); MS Messeger (exmgr.exe); MS Microsoft Socket Deamon (MSSCKD32.exe); MS MSN Menssenger 7.0 (MSMSN7.exe); MS MSN Menssenger 7.0 (MSWGRX32.exe); MS Network Control (mswin.exe); MS Office (Office10.exe); MS Office 2003.exe (MS Office 2003.exe); MS Office Activation (MS Office Activation.exe); MS Office1 Startup (OfficeGUI1.exe); ms ownage (winPE.exe); MS Paint (mspainter.exe); MS PLUS INC (wpad.exe); Ms Processe Manager (msproc.exe); MS Real Player (RealPlyr.exe); MS Registry Service (MSRMS32.exe); MS Remote Procedure Call (msrpc32.exe); MS Remote Procedure Call Service (MSRPC32.exe); MS Scandisk (explorer.exe); MS Scandisk (MicrosoftOqerExpress.exe); MS Scandisk (scandisk.exe); MS Scandisk (scandisk.exe); MS Screen Saver (scrsave.scr); MS Security (RegSvc.exe); MS Security (systm.pif); MS Security Authority Service (lsass.exe); MS Security Hotfix (service5.exe); MS Security Hotfix (spoolsrv32.exe); MS Security Update 993 (msident.exe); MS service (msservice.exe); MS Service Drivers (winscv.exe); MS Service Manager (idemoodp0cetka.exe); MS Service Manager (idemoodpocetka.exe); MS Service Manager (services.exe); MS Shell Services (MainWnd.exe); MS Shell32 services (mvchost.pif); Ms sock for Windows NT (winser.exe); MS Sound Config 16bit (sndcfg16.exe); MS Sound Drivers ([path to trojan]); Ms Sound Drivers (msdrv.exe); MS Sound Drivers (WindowsUpdateApplication.exe); ms spool service (msspooler.exe); Ms Spool32 (MS SPOOL32.EXE); MS STAT (uphost.exe); MS Svasta Pomalo v# (odjebiav#.exe); MS SyS Restore (sysrestore.exe); MS Sys Security (mswin.pif); MS System Call Function (msscf32.exe); Ms System Config (Mscfg.exe); Ms System Config (pcedit.exe); MS System Security (mswin32.pif); Ms task manager (tskmgr.exe); MS Task Manager 32 ([trojan filename] .exe); MS Task Manager 32 (mstskmgr.exe); MS taskbar (crssr.exe); MS taskbar (nts.exe); MS taskbar (taskbars.exe); MS taskbar W (task32w.exe); MS Taskbars (taskbars.exe); MS taskmanager (tskmgr.exe); MS Time (timezone.exe); MS UniX (navupdate64.exe); MS Unix Binary (hypertrm.exe); MS Unix Binary (msmq2inst.exe); MS Unix Binary (msnq3insller.exe); MS Unix Binary (msnupdate.exe); MS Unix Binary (Norton2005Update.exe); MS Unix Binary (outlookexpressupdate.exe); MS Unix Binary (trmupdate.exe); MS Unix Binary (win32ttb.exe); MS Unix Binary (Win32Update.exe); MS Unix Binary (WinGuard.exe); MS Update (MS Update.exe); MS Update (syshost.exe); MS Update (xfire.exe); MS Update- Client "support" 608 (tNWCBsrdy.exe); MS Update Service Pr (svehost.exe); Ms Update WinServices NT/XP (winservnt32.exe); MS Updater (loghost.exe); MS UPDATER (update.exe); MS Updates (aupd.exe); MS Updates (mscache.exe); MS Updates (syshosts.exe); MS Updating Utility (msupdater.exe); MS USB 2.0 Windows Support (msusb32.exe); Ms Valud Loader (Svhots.exe); MS Virtual CLS (msvmcls64.exe); MS Win32 Network Services (windriver.exe); ms window update (******.exe); MS Windows AOL Driver (MSAOLdrv.exe); 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